Milestone Brandcom, India’s largest OOH agency launched Milestone Optimiser which is India’s first of kind OOH Audience Measurement eco-system.The web based tool is Scientific in approach, Research Based, Eliminates biasness on Media selection & Provides GIP for OOH Campaigns

• A scale which was never tried on OOH space by any player.
• Over 15000+ man hours and 5 Crore INR invested on the project.
• Undertaking the daunting task to map 35 TOWNS in India in a span of 5 years
• 10 CITIES - 665 Ward Areas identification
• 540 TG Combinations
• iLAP - 11 Individual / 12 Household Parameters


• CCS (Consumer Connection System) is Aegis Media’s proprietary consumer insight study that was created to respond to the increasingly fragmented communications landscape. It offers a single source measurement of tconsumer’s interaction and engagement with a broad range of touchpoints.

• Through continuous evolution, CCS ensures the latest digital touchpoints are measured, including social media, mobile phones and tablets activities

• CCS underpins Aegis’s ICP (Integrated Communications Planning) framework and provides rich data to fuel the Portrait, Footprint and Journey steps


Milestone Tracker is a user-friendly and steadfast Outdoor Tracking System that enables our clients to access and keep track of their campaigns across 200 towns India.

Once campaign is defined and implemented dedicated monitoring team captures the data.

These people are equipped with technology – personal mobile phones, camera’s etc. The illuminated sites are supervised at night along with dated newspaper.


3rd party monitoring service offers cutting edge technology and services to monitor OOH campaigns across PAN India.
The monitoring agency send Reports
(Monitoring Summary / Photo Docket) from starting to the ending of campaigns.

Monitoring Frequency –
• Metro & Mini Metro’s – TWICE A WEEK
• Tier II Towns – Once a Week
• Tier III Towns – Once a fortnightly
On request they can send this report directly to client on daily basis.


Third party monitoring data helps to tracks the outdoor media activity and provides periodical information on competition-spends, media activities. This enables client to utilize the inputs for planning the outdoor media activity. It Covers 70 Markets across PAN India.


A simulation software that drives the advertiser by his OOH campaign through various situational scenarios in a city / town prior to the release of the campaign.
Useful to determine access to visibility & readability factor of the creative in varying media formats


Creative Image Scanner Tool uses a predictive algorithm, based on actual eye-tracking studies, to test for pre-attentive vision. This is the first 3-5 seconds of viewing— before we're aware of what we're looking at—and not affected by gender, age or culture. Post-attentive vision happens next, when your brain interprets what it's seeing. Creative Image Scanner Tool helps ensure that your design is noticed in post-attentive vision as well.