4G Activation

Airtel – 4G Activation

  • Categories: Connect
  • Client: Airtel
  • To demonstrate the speed of Airtel 4G network to the target audience at relevant touchpoints, Airtel Launched an on ground Activation to compare the speed of Airtel 4G with 3G networks.
    Milestone Brandcom executed the Activation in 6 metros namely Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Chennai & Hyderabad, across various touchpoints covering a total of 33 Malls, 240+ colleges, 9 corporate parks, 11 RWA's and 25 hotspots were covered.
    Airtel Challengers – smart, confident and approachable Manpower were enlisted. The 'Airtel Challengers' were armed with an Airtel 4G enabled phone and a 3G enabled phone, approached potential customers giving demos of 4G speeds VS 3G speeds.
    We setup an Airtel 4G kiosk in Malls & canopy's at colleges, where our Airtel Challengers flocked and engaged consumers, giving demos of 4G speeds & comparing it with 3G speeds. Airtel customers were upgraded to 4G on spot for Free. Various data plans on offer were elaborated by representatives at the kiosk.
    A customized Airtel Ninja app was created to give demos which included app downloads, Facebook uploads and Music downloads at blistering speeds. Results: The Airtel 4G Activation resulted in a total of 78000+ Demos, over 70000 leads, over 31000 Airtel 3G users converted to 4G.